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Vinner Synthetics

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“Vinner Synethetics” which is one of the leading names in finest quality of suiting, shirting, Jodis and trousers.

Pioneers in the JODI business with over 50+ unique Jodis floated in the market.

  • We Sell all major brands.
  • Vinner Gwalior, Tumbdi Rayon, Siyaram, Arvind, Raymonds etc.

The “JODIS” are available in the various forms taking care of the following factors:

  • Classical & Contemporary style to suit the requirement of all occasions (i.e. formal & casual).
  • Wide varieties of colors and designs.
  • Available in Professional & Party wear.
  • Variety of fabrics like Cotton, Polyester, Viscose and other high quality fabric material.
  • Variety of designs like Plains, Patterns & Checks.
  • Elegant and Eye catching gift packs.
  • Quality Certifications & Standards.

Our Products

Image 1 Shirtings Large Variety of shirtings.
Image 2 Suitings Large Variety of suitings
Image 3 Jodis 50+ Variety of Jodis.
Tumbdi Rayon
Vinner Gwalior
Image 4 Lumps and Takas All brands